Here on Earth

The Here on Earth app has really come together over the past couple weeks — Patrick and I have been blessed with a great crew of producers, designers, editors and interns.  A special shout-out goes the crew at Element 84…  As the printed page becomes increasingly digital, creating a multimedia book is just as collaborative a process as creating a film or a TV show — editors and publishers are involved, of course, but good programmers are just as much a part of the creative process.  Dan and the crew at Element 84 are responsive, not reactive; dillagent, not dogmatic.  We couldn’t have done it without ‘em.


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About Arcade Sunshine Media

We are a multimedia production company that transforms plain text into dynamic, interactive multimedia apps for portable devices, such as the iPad. We work with any traditionally printed matter – from brochures to novels and children’s books – and incorporate professional video, interactive graphics and maps, and even games.

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