But the market’s not there…

Is, along with its variation,  “But the market’s not there, yet,” the most common reaction to multimedia publishing. And you can’t really deny the numbers that support this view…  Even the most successful multimedia apps created by big companies with substantial budgets and huge marketing campaigns (I’m thinking of the JFK: 50 Days app, for example) are not breaking even (although, perhaps, that’s why they’re not breaking even…)  So is multimedia publishing just another distraction, like the brief love-affair with CD-ROM publishing in the mid-1990s?

I don’t think so.  Unlike the PC and CD-ROM, tablet devices are the first true multimedia instrument.  Because reading on a tablet is just as comfortable as reading print, I think it’s fairly safe to assume that there will be a significant migration from the printed page to the tablet.  When this happens, not all of these printed materials will incorporate images, videos, games and social-networking, but many of them will — if only for the reason that they can.  And as new platforms (like ours) come out to allow people to integrate multimedia into their  narratives, the narratives themselves will begin to change…  They will begin to be ‘written’ as multimedia, rather than as pure text.

Obviously, this won’t happen overnight, but as ‘professional storytellers,’ we’re really interested in taking part of this transformation.  That’s why we started Arcade Sunshine — even if the market’s not (quite) there yet…

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About Arcade Sunshine Media

We are a multimedia production company that transforms plain text into dynamic, interactive multimedia apps for portable devices, such as the iPad. We work with any traditionally printed matter – from brochures to novels and children’s books – and incorporate professional video, interactive graphics and maps, and even games.

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