Patrick shows off the app

Patrick White shows off the Here on Earth app.  Please take notice of the pretzel sneakers.


A Day with E.O. Wilson

One of the best days in putting this project together was the rainy day in Boston that we spent with the brilliant biologist, Edward Wilson.  Professor Wilson has an easy charm about him, and a direct, thoughtful manner — I could have spoken with him for days and never rehashed the same idea twice…

In this excerpt, from the Here on Earth app,  Professor Wilson theorizes that how we think about technology can impact our attitude towards the Earth.  This clip is part of a larger argument he makes about the dangers of technophilia that, like Apocalyptic Evangelical Christianity, considers the Earth as a way station on the path to something greater (the colonization of the Universe, the merging of our intelligence with computers, or heaven after the rapture).  As soon as we consider the Earth as such, it becomes something to use up — a means to a greater end.  Obviously, the can be a very dangerous attitude.  It is also, in Professor Wilson’s words, ‘hogwash.’

Here’s the first part of the interview: