Free Ideas

Should ideas be free? I tend to think so… One way that we, collectively, improve our lives is through the open exchange of information and, when it come to ideas that we will not use ourselves, we should strive to to give them away.  Of course, a lot of people do exactly this — and do it all the time — but we do it more frequently with our bad ideas and unfounded opinions than we do with our good ideas, our stories, and our hard-earned research and insights…

The question came up because I go to a lot of meetings that are basically fact-finding missions. Someone will call me or schedule a lunch, and we’ll sit down, and they’d like to be brought up to speed about multimedia production, ebooks, apps, our business model, and the like. The thing is, I’m more than happy to share all this.

A friend of mine gives me a hard time about this. She thinks I’m giving away too much. She may be right. But there are a lot of ideas out there, and they don’t do much good staying inside someone’s head until, eventually, they’re forgotten.  I’ve only just started blogging, but it strikes me as a good forum to post some of these ideas from time-to-time.  I can’t promise that they’re good, but they seem so to me, at least at the moment they do…  Here’s one:


Idea #1

Social payment.

Problem: The other day, I was at a dinner party with all of my cousins. It was a great party celebrating the Persian New Year (I literally have hundreds of cousins, so these gatherings can get quite big) and we all stayed up late, ate lots, and drank plenty. A few days later, one of my cousins sent around an email asking for help pitching in – none of us are rich and after food and drink and supplies, the party probably cost abut $400. People volunteered, math was performed, and then a complex system was set up where certain people needed to mail checks tot others. Big hassle. You’ve probably experienced something similar when you go out to dinner and divide up a check, or organize a beer run, or a road trip, or split up groceries with your roommates…


Solution: a website where you post the total cost, email all the other folks in the group and they enter their payment info. At noon on Wednesday, for example, the website divides up the total cost among the group, collects payment, and issues electronic payment to whoever fronted the project. You could even use the service to fund a creative project, like a short film or a book. Or a present for a sick friend… Lots of possibilities here…

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