More on the convergence between magazine publishing and filmmaking… is a cool blog to keep an eye on — they’ve a good knack for grabbing interesting ideas and stories early on — especially in the digital magazine publishing front.  Arcade Sunshine was pretty heavily featured in a recent posting on what magazine publishers can learn from filmmaking (and probably vice-versa).  Check it out.


Discounting the Future

Adam Parr directed this beautiful short film, from Here on Earth, about Baltimore’s Howard Wicker and his efforts to curb the patterns of self-destruction that arise when a neighborhood is left to die…  Even though Here on Earth is primarily about the environmental crisis facing our planet, we thought it was important to include a film that spoke of more social (and perhaps, more immediate) issues.

In certain areas of Baltimore, less than half of the houses are occupied, and the streets resemble a war zone, the apocalypse, or the set from a zombie movie.   Can we expect stewards of the environment to emerge from such places?  It’s important to remember that relative wealth, not absolute wealth, determines how people perceive their chance for future wellbeing…  Without a more egalitarian society, can we possibly hope to save our planet?

He’ll come back… He’s always coming back.

Last month, just before Here on Earth was launched, half the questions I was fielding about the industry concerned the imminent demise of the book app. A couple weeks after that, at the LBF Digital Conference, they were officially, dramatically, pronounced dead.

That was exactly one month ago, and how things have changed…

Here on Earth is already more than half-way to it’s projected annual sales mark, and it’s only been out for 3 weeks… Push Pop Press’ equally impressive app with Al Gore (and it’s highly attractive $4.99 price point) has been selling like meth in Montana and, at this morning’s World e-Reading Congress, Random House’s Ian Hudson stopped just short of whole-heartedly endorsing the format as a future of publishing.

Now, we’re obviously bias, but considering that iPad penetration is only at about 2% penetration, and considering that projections place it at 15-20% by 2015, I think publishing apps may have a few surprises left.

Welcome, Sweden!

Here on Earth gets reviewed in the top Swedish tech review journal — it’ll be interesting to see if we get any downloads from Sweden now.  After we were reviewed in Holland, we had about 5 sales (hey:  every one counts!)…  I’ll write a longer blog about international sales once we’ve got figures for the first month (you know, for all those interested in English-language multimedia iPad app overseas’ sales).  Meanwhile:  Welcome, Sweden, feel free to look around…